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Thomas Mooseder

Thomas Mooseder


What I like about my job

I am a German who came to London in 1994 and who has been doing this sort of role most of his working life.  I enjoy working as a patent secretary/IP paralegal/formalities supervisor because there is always something new to learn.  I like working with computers and mobile phones.  My relationship with them is visceral and I put my IT skills to good use in my job.  My father told me that company owners like their accountant because he or she brings order to their company.  I think paralegals are like that for IP attorneys — we ensure there is structure and security.

In my spare time

I enjoy family life, cooking and going to my spa at the weekend.  As a family, we enjoy exploring the UK on our holidays.  We have now visited all the national parks and are currently on a quest to explore all the UK’s Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

What I am passionate about

Like everyone else, I have experienced good and bad client care in my life. So I know how important client care is.  The example of excellent customer care I will never forget was given in a business programme I listened to on the BBC World Service.  There a board-game-inventor-turned-business-guru tells of a shoe shop that stays open far beyond closing time until the last customer eventually finds the pair of shoes she would like to buy.  You can listen to the episode still, here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p006czx8

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