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Jana Sobotkova

Jana Sobotkova


What I like about my job

Bookkeeping gives me the opportunity to be on the front line at every step of our business execution – from start to end. It is a little bit like a puzzle game – you are always searching for pieces to complete the full picture.

My role requires good technical knowledge to ensure the accuracy of all the financial data. Being a technology natural helps me to feel comfortable in my daily work despite the volume of the financial data I handle.

What’s more, the profile of this job gives me the opportunity to collaborate with everyone in the firm, allowing me to get first-hand experience in this growing industry.

In my spare time

I like spending time with my family, travelling and exploring new places – or just having a chilled time in our garden. I also enjoy playing (and teaching) piano, flute and a bit of guitar. Outdoor swimming and jigsaw puzzles are two big passions of mine.

What I am looking forward to

I love travelling and am looking forward to exploring more of Latin America and Central Asia.

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