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Andy Weaver

Andy Weaver


What I like about my job

Innovation at its most basic level is about driving human progress. There is an innate curiosity and desire to help others which drives many inventors to do what they do, and I like to think I am driven in this way.

I have always loved science and technology, and as an IP strategy advisor, there is nothing I love more about my work than speaking to passionate inventors about their work and helping them to drive their vision to success. Providing guidance and seeing their endeavours succeed is incredibly rewarding and motivates me to work hard to give all of them the best possible chance to successfully roll out their innovations into the market.

This is achieved by providing effective, holistic IP Strategy advice from the start, drafting effective patent applications, and prosecuting them to grant. I try to arm my clients with a well-rounded IP portfolio to protect their businesses, based on solid foundations and continuing best practice.

Registered intellectual property rights are a small but important cog in driving progress, and I hope to play my part in having every business that I work with firing on all cylinders.

In my spare time

In my spare time I can be found gardening, travelling, obsessing over motorcycles, and doing whatever sport I’m into at any one time.

I also run a free training blog for fellow patent attorneys, through which I hope to raise some money for charity.

What I am looking forward to

Seeing where we are 20 years from now, given how far we’ve come in the last 20 years.

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