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Christopher Ellis

Christopher Ellis


What I like about my job

The energy in the room when working with new inventions and businesses who are experts in their field. I get a real buzz from the enthusiasm surrounding a new idea, as well as a sense of achievement when we put a protection strategy in place to help turn that idea into business growth. It never ceases to amaze me how many smart people there are out there coming up with brilliant ideas, and I love being part of those collaborations.

I have my wife to thank for becoming a patent attorney as it was only when she was finishing her PhD and looking at careers that I fully appreciated what the world of IP had to offer, leading me to move away my engineering research role at Honda R&D.

Nearly 25 years later, and after a career in private practice, and then ultimately becoming Head of IP for ICI, I now advise several businesses. These include start-ups, SME’s and larger multi-nationals on all IP matters, as well as acting as a consultant for Impact IP.

In my spare time

Away from the office, I like to spend time with my family, and we are currently enjoying renovating a 400-year-old farm with an ambition to become as self-sufficient as possible at some point in the future. Whatever time is left over is spent playing squash, and whatever money is left over is spent on skiing!

What I am looking forward to

Making a positive difference to the people and businesses I work with.

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